The Customer:

is the strategy

Businesses are simply made up of conversations between customers and organisations. In this customer-driven era it is the customers rather than the executives who decide on the company's degree of customer centricity.



Value driven customer interactions

A tailor-made branded environment and fully equipped customer service lab for experimenting with service delivery strategies. The ability to create the parameters and restraints for company-wide customer-centric behaviour and methods.

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the customer service challenge

No expensive CX programs or Customer Journey's! C4 from Customer Touch is a program for challenging your brand. C4 generates transparent and concrete insights in service execution which affects directly the Customer experience of your brand.

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Value driven continues improvement

Do you customise your service to fit the brand identity, or do you customise your brand experience to fit service delivery?
(Re)connect marketing with your customer service while continuously improving satisfaction, cost and customer retention.

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What We Do?

simpley, connecting customers, employee passion, (customer) experience and marketing.

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A tailor-made, fully equipped customer service lab for controlled, experiments in customer service.

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C4 Challenge

Customer Touch's C4 is a program for challening your customer service interactions.

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A program to optimise your brand identity with your service delivery.

Continuously improving customer satisfaction, cost and customer retention.



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When you've created something incredible, you want to share it.
These whitepapers provide a clear understanding of our Passion for customer conversation.

The customer journey is dead

Customer journey management is expensive, complex and slow.

See how you can become more customer centric by taking simple steps within your current operation.


The Customer is the strategy

Whitout customers there is no business. As simple as that.

It is not about how to become customer centric, but putting the customer at the center of your strategy.


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